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A perfect companion for your business

Business data at your fingertips, enjoy the ease and simplicity of accessing key business information on the move. Stay connected to the performance of your team.


Your data from any source can be extracted using the flexibility and power of the Aspurian iBPlex hub and its extraction tools.


Your data is transformed and combined to provide maximum potential. This data pool allows for rapid data exploration.


Key commercial information and dashboards can now be accessed to provide meaningful feedback on the performance of your business.

iB Analytix

Leverage the full potential of your business data by using the dynamic tools provided by the Aspurian iB platform.

Determine new insights into the performance of your business and its team through business reports and indicators available within the system.

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Sales Order Analysis

Review your sales and performance with a wide selection of reports, charts and summary dashboards.

Assess historic sales trends, product level statistics and customer review processes with ease.

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N Tier Reporting

Make use of drill down reports to provide unique views of key business data.

Enable segmentation of business and use N tier reporting to further split and define sales groups, areas or people.

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Executive Dashboards

Build clean and concise dashboards tailored to the needs of individual iB users. Add report summaries and charts to clearly illustrate key points for ease of access.

Define wallboard dashboards to display key performance information in a large screen format.

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Be empowered by active messaging capability of the iB platform.

Automate alerts and notifications based on real world processes.

Construct report packs for scheduled output.

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Record your sale and project opportunities any time any where.

Our platform allows you to keep on top of the latest requests with active account monitoring.

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Large Screen Wallboard

Define wallboard dashboards to display key performance information in a large screen format.

Enhance your office or factory with real time performance statistics.

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Connect all of your data regardless of location or type.

Take advantage of the flexible integration tools provided with iB to leverage the power of your existing data.

Our iBplex transformation hub takes the hard-work out of bringing your data online.

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